Robert Hébras

Robert Hébras (* 29 of June of 1925 in Oradour-sur-Glane ) is one of six survivors of the slaughter of Oradour from October to June of 1944 .

Robert Hébras, Jean-Marcel Darthout , Mathieu Borie , Clément Broussaudier , Yvon Roby and Pierre-Henri Poutaraud were the only ones who survived the execution by the SS of 186 male civilians. The six remained hidden under the corpses of their comrades pretending to be dead.

After 10 of June of 1944 Robert Hébras participated in the resistance against the Nazism and during the last year of the war fought next to the French Resistance . In the year 1983 in the German Democratic Republic at the time, he was witness in the trial against Heinz Barth, one of the murderers of Oradour. In 2003 a documentary film about Rober Hébras was published by German filmmaker Bodo Kaiser.

The contributions of Hébras to the commemoration and overcoming of the Nazi era encompass his work as a thesis of his time and as an author. Throughout his life, Robert Hébras battled for the conciliation of Germany and France. Today he works in the Center de la mémoire in Oradour.

Robert Hébras is married, has one son and three grandchildren and lives in Saint-Junien , near Oradour. He and Jean-Marcel Darthout are the only survivors of the massacre of Oradour who are still alive.

In March 2008, Robert Hébras was awarded the Austrian Holocaust Memorial Award by the Austrian Memory Service .


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