Robert Bernardis

Robert Bernardis ( Innsbruck , 7 of August of 1908 – Berlin-Plötzensee , 8 of August of 1944 ) was a fighter Austrian resistance in the context of World War II who participated in the failed attempt on the Führer German Adolf Hitler in his based Prussian Wolf’s Lair on 20 July as as 1944 .


Bernardis began his military career as a lieutenant in Enns , Austria . After the Anschluss of Austria in 1938 , he accepted the new regime. However, once World War II had begun, experiences at the front as witnesses of the killing of civilians had changed their minds and became involved in the resistance movement against the Third Reich .

Married to Hermine Feichtinger , with whom he had two children, Robert Bernardis was regarded as a firm National Socialist during his training as a career military officer in the Austrian army and at the War Academy in Berlin . After seeing action in Poland , France and the Soviet Union , he was promoted to Major in 1942 and transferred to the Allgemeines Heeresamt (Army General Office) of the Army of the High Command of Berlin , where he headed a department. In the winter of 1943 as Lieutenant Colonel of the General Staff , his functions put him in contact with Claus von Stauffenberg . In the spring of 1944 , it was included in the plans for a military coup. Bernardis prepared the military coup in the seventeenth district ( Vienna ). The 20 of July of 1944 , it was with Stauffenberg as a member of staff of the General Army Office, where he was responsible for the transmission of “Valkyrie” orders. He was sitting near the Führer on July 20 , in the assassination attempt carried out. Later, ignoring that the bomb had not been able to kill Hitler, Bernadis was responsible that the established order of the Operation Valkiria was in march. That same night, he was arrested by the Gestapo . On 8 August , he was sentenced to death by the German “People’s Court” (Volksgerichtshof) and executed on the same day.

Despite being deported to a concentration camp, Bernardis’ family survives the war.