Right to Die Dignamente

Right to Die Dignamente ( DMD ) is a Spanish federal association that promotes the right of everyone to dispose freely of their body and their life, and to freely and legally choose the moment and means to end it, and defend the rights of the Terminally ill and irreversible, at the moment, to die peacefully and without suffering, if this is his express wish. 1 2

Association Right to Die Dignamente

Foundation of the association DMD

The Right to Die federation was founded in 1984 under the name Association Right to Die Dignified – DMD. On December 13, 1984, the DMD association was registered with the Ministry of the Interior of Spain with the number 57889, legalizing a citizen movement of respect for the freedom of the individual at the end of his life. 3

The Right to Die Association is associated with the World Federation of Right to Die Societies . 4

Presidency of the association DMD

Since 2009 Luis Montes Mieza is its Federal President. Salvador Pániker , now president of honor, was the former Federal President of the DMD association.

Information on palliative care and euthanasia

Laws related to the autonomy of the patient and palliative care in Spain

  • 1986 – General Health Law , explicitly recognizes the right of the patient to refuse treatment, requiring their consent for any type of intervention.
  • 1995 – The new Spanish Penal Code eases penalties for assisted suicide and euthanasia .
  • 2002 – Law of Patient Autonomy , this law delves into individual rights regulating the living will , called document of prior instructions or anticipated wills .
  • 2010 – Andalusia – Law of rights and guarantees of the dignity of the person in the process of death . 5
  • 2011 – Aragón – Palliative Care and Death Act . 6
  • 2011 – Navarra – Foral Law of Rights and Guarantees of the Dignity of People in the final process of life . 7
  • 2011 – Draft Law Regulating the Rights of the Person to the Final Process of Life . It was not processed. 8 9

The DMD association promotes compliance with the approved legislation since it considers that the patient autonomy law is not being complied with regarding the rejection of treatments as well as the legislation on palliative care . 10

International associations defending the right to die with dignity and euthanasia

Switzerland and Germany
  • 1998 – Dignitas . It has its headquarters in Switzerland and a section in Germany . eleven
United Kingdom
  • 1935 – VELS – The Voluntary Euthanasia Legalisation Society ), United Kingdom , in 1955 will be called Euthanasia Society , in 1969 will be renamed Voluntary Euthanasia Societ Exit . Since 2005 it is called Dignity in Dying
  • 2005 – Dignity in Dying ( Dignity at death ). 12
  • 1997 – Exit International . Headquartered in Australia and UK. 13
  • 1938 – Euthanasia Society of America , which claims the inclusion of the “right to die” in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • 1970 – World Federation of Right to Die Societies pro ( World Federation of Right to Die Societies ), DMD Federation to which belongs and has more than 38 associations in 23 countries.
  • 1980 – The Hemlock Society , an end-of-life care organization for incurable patients , will be renamed End-of-Life Choices (EOLC). EOLC will merge in 2005 with Compassion in Dying to form Compassion & Choices . 14
  • 2005 – Compassion & Choices ( Compassion & Options ), Portlant, Oregon, United States. 15 16 17

Milestones of euthanasia in Spain

See also: Ramón Sampedro , Sea in and Condemned to live .
  • 1998 – On January 12, 1998, the quadriplegic Ramón Sampedro , after seeking help to die in court, commits suicide with the help of another person, an event that, due to its media impact, is a milestone for euthanasia in Spain.
  • 2004 – The film Sea Inside , directed by Alejandro Amenábar was released and that recreates the life of Ramón Sampedro .


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