Richard Kuenzer

Richard Kuenzer ( Freiburg , 6 as September as 1875 – Berlin , 23 April as as 1945 ) was a German jurist and diplomat. He was an active member of the German Resistance to Nazism and participated in the July 20 plot .


Richard Kuenzer was the son of industrialist Heinrich Kuenzer. He studied law in Baden and diplomacy and worked in the German consulate between 1903-1914 in Paris , Cape Town and Zanzibar .

During World War I was prominent in Lugano and Macedonia , followed by Innsbruck from 9 of September of 1923.

In the 1930s during Nazism it belonged to Solf’s Circle until it was dissolved by the Gestapo and sent to Ravensbrück .

It was part of the plot of July 20 with Klaus Bonhoeffer , Wilhelm zur Nieden and Rüdiger Schleicher 1 2 He was tried and executed on April 23, 1945 with them and dissident Friedrich Justus Perels , among others, two weeks before release from Germany.


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