Ramona Maneiro

Ramona Maneiro Castro 1 was born in 1961 in Galicia , Spain . He is known as a referent in the struggle for dignified death and euthanasia . 2 3 4 5

Its relation with Ramón Sampedro

Ramona Maneiro rose to fame due to her relationship with Ramón Sampedro , a Spanish sailor and writer , quadriplegic since the age of 25. Due to his situation and after years of living prostrate in a bed, Sampedro decided to end his life. In order to commit suicide he needed help and assistance, since his quadriplegic condition prevented him from doing so himself. But this could lead to legal problems for its assistants, as they could incur an offense under Spanish law. To solve this problem and make him aware of his problem, Sampedro developed an intense activity in favor of euthanasia , both through the media and judicially.

In his long struggle for the right to a dignified death, Sampedro was supported by different groups in favor of the decriminalization of euthanasia. Finally, Ramón died at his home in Boiro on January 12, 1998 for potassium cyanide poisoning , helped by his friend Ramona Maneiro. She was detained days later, but was not tried for lack of evidence.


Seven years later, once the crime had been prescribed, Ramona admitted on television 6 that he had given Ramon access to the poison that caused his death and had recorded the video where he uttered his last words. 7 8Following his statements, the prosecutor asked to reopen the case of Ramón Sampedro. Referring to Fig.

Prescribes the crime of Ramona Maneiro

According to the spokesman of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), Enrique Lopez , confessions of Maneiro could lead to an investigation, and even be prosecuted, but “in any case doomed.” 9 In Spain, the period for the prescription of the crime is five years if the penalty that had been imposed would have been more than three and less than five years in prison. The period begins to count on the day of dismissal of the case, on November 12, 1999. Therefore, Ramona Maneiro is free since November 12, 2004. 9 10

Controversy with the family of Ramón Sampedro

Sampedro’s family was always against his decision to end his life. He also accused Ramona Maneiro of murder. eleven

Works that collect the events


  • Condemned to live . In 2001 , Roberto Bodegas took to the cinema the story of Ramón with the TV movie Condemned to live , carried out by Ernesto Chao that gave life to Ramón Sampedro.
  • Sea Inside . In 2004 , Alejandro Amenábar took to the cinema the story of Ramón with the film Mar Adentro , carried out by Javier Bardem that gave life to Ramón Sampedro. The film was praised by the public and critics and received several awards, among them the Oscar for the best foreign film and 14 Goya awards .
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  • Ramón Sampedro , Letters from Hell . Ed. Planeta. nineteen ninety six
  • Ramona Maneiro, Dear Ramón. A testimony of love , Ed. Themes of Today (Planet). 2005 ISBN 84-8460-442-X 12


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