Radio Islam

Radio Islam is a web site , formerly a radio station in Sweden that was closed several times for inciting hatred Semitic ; Its founder, Ahmed Rami , was in prison for the same charge. A report from 2003 the Center European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia described it as “one of the most radically anti – Semitic sites right of Internet”. 1 Other sources have repeatedly described the site as a promoter of anti-Semitism and historical Revisionism (negationism) , associating Rami with the Institute for Historical Review . 2


Radio Islam began airing in 1987 in a Swedish public broadcaster, led by Ahmed Rami , a former official of the Moroccan army , exiled in Sweden under their claims to have taken part in the failed coup of 1971 against Hassan II . Although ostensibly addressing the Islamic community in Sweden, the main theme of the program was anti-Semitic preaching; In 1990, Rami was sentenced to six months in prison for “incitement against a group of people”, and the issue license was revoked for a year. In 1991 he resumed his activities under the leadership of the notorious neo – Nazi Swedish David Janzon , who two years later would also go to prison for the same offense.

Radio Islam was inactive until 1996, when it rebroadcast under the direction of Rami himself. However, this time, as well as the radio station, a site was established in fourteen languages; Rami was convicted again of racial crimes in October 2000 . He was also investigated in France and Sweden, accused of hate crimes for his role in maintaining the website of Radio Islam; In Sweden was dismissed in 2004 , due to the impossibility of proving that Rami was responsible for the content. He awarded the published material to a group of young people , but refused to provide names.


Radio Islam claims to work “to promote better relations between the Western world and the Muslim world.” It also asserts that it is “against all forms of racism, against all kinds of discrimination of people, based on skin color, faith or ethnicity.” As a result, Radio Islam claims to be “against Jewish racism focused on non-Jews.” He asserts that the “world of Jewish Zionism” constitutes “the last surviving racist ideology” and that Israel is “the last mark of apartheid in the world”, which, “by its mere existence” proves “a complete challenge to all laws International, rules and principles. ” At the same time, the Web site insists that “open racism manifested by the Jewish state is a violation of all ethical and moral knowledge known to man.”


The site’s material focuses on the alleged influence of Jews and “Zionists” in Western and Middle Eastern society and politics, claiming that there is a Jewish conspiracy to oppress and murder Muslims, and that this has been one of the Historical features of Judaism. It supports denialism, claiming that the Holocaust was a Jewish lie to distract from the war waged against the Palestinian people. These are “Jewish wars against Iraq and Lebanon”, “Jewish power”, “Jewish racism”, “Zionist terrorism” and “propaganda” and “hypocrisy”.

Among the books available on the website are some of the most famous anti – Semitic pamphlets, including apocryphal Protocols of the Elders of Zion , Mein Kampf , by Adolf Hitler , The International Jew , of Henry Ford and The Founding Myths of Israeli policy , By Roger Garaudy .


The criticisms against the radio and the website have been widespread and forceful. The 2003 EUMCRX report pointed to it as one of the spearheads of anti-Semitism on the Internet, noting that it makes use of the full repertoire of anti-Semitic stereotypes and employs denial of the Holocaust as part of an anti-Semitic agitation program.

The Stephen Roth Institute includes it in its list of negationist and neo-Nazi pages. 3 The Anti-Defamation League asserts that the site promotes a myriad of anti-Semitic tracts and demonstrates the implicit connection between denialism and other forms of anti-Semitism . The co – founder of the Swedish Committee Against Anti – Semitism, per ahlmark , described Rami claims as the most vehement anti – Semitic campaign in Europe since the Third Reich in April


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