Bocanada is the second solo album of theArgentine rock musician Gustavo Cerati , and is the debut after the dissolution of Soda Stereo . It is considered to this day as a masterpiece of the musician and an essential work for Hispanic music. He received excellent reviews from both the specialists and the fans.

The veteran rock critic David Cortés Arce said of the album ” Bocanada is a key album in the history of Latin American rock, and in general all Spanish – speaking countries.” 2Allmusic’s music critic website rated it 4 1/2 stars out of 5. 1

One of the highlights of the album is that in the same, every detail has been conceived as a whole, with a regularity that reminds a little of the conceptual album of Soda Stereo Animal song , even if the sonority is not the same.

The cover of the album resembles the photograph of René Magritte , Belgian surrealist painter of the 20th century, taken by Lothar Wolleh .


An album of a deep electronic root, with elements of alternative rock, pop, neopsicodelia and some experimental strokes. The songs are not individual, the album is made as if it were a single piece, and Cerati thought so; [ Citation needed ] all songs share a common atmosphere. There are both Latin rhythms (Taboo) and slow psychedelic pieces (“Beautiful”) and strokes of electronic music (“Immoral Walk”, “Forgiveness is Divine”).

There are some instrumental songs that originally were to be part of a supposed side B of the album Sueño Stereo , of its previous band, that would be composed entirely by instrumental songs. [ Citation needed ] From the sessions of this album was “FunkFarron” which ended Roken as part of the project.

List of songs

No. Title Writer (s) Duration
1. «Taboo» (Contains a sample of «Waltz For Lumuba» by The Spencer Davis Group) Cerati 4:47
2. «Cheats» (Contains a sample of “Circle of Love” by Steve Miller Band) Cerati 4:12
3. « Bocanada » (Contains a sample «Eruption» by Focus) Cerati – Pablo Chaijale 4:07
Four. « Bridge » Cerati 4:33
5. «River Babel» (Contains a sample of «Momma» by Electric Light Orchestra) Cerati 4:44
6. ” Beautiful “ Cerati 6:13
7. «Forgiveness is divine» Cerati – Etcheto 5:19
8. «Verbo carne» (Next to The London Session Orchestra, directed by Gavin Wright) Cerati 4:42
9. ” Root ” (Contains a sample of a fragment from “Air to air” by Los Jaivas, and the start of “Hyperactive!” By Thomas Dolby.) Cerati 4:04
10. “And if the smoke is in focus …” Cerati 4:56
eleven. «Immoral walk» Cerati – Bochatón 5:31
12. «Here & Now (The first three minutes)» Cerati 3:54
13. «Here & Now (And Later)» Cerati 2:38
14. “Soul” Cerati – Etcheto 4:38
fifteen. «Balsa» (Contains a sample of “It’s Now or Never” by Elvis Presley) Cerati 5:05

Cortes broadcast

  • Root
  • Bridge
  • Immoral walk
  • Babel River
  • Cheats
  • Taboo


  • Bridge
  • Immoral walk
  • Babel River
  • Cheats
  • Taboo

Data sheet

  • Gustavo Cerati – voice , guitars , samplers , synthesizers , keyboards , bass , effects, additional instruments, mixing, producer
Additional staff
  • Flavio Etcheto : Sampler in all the songs except “Root” and “Verbo carne”.
  • Leo Garcia : Sampler, supporting voice in “Cheats”, “Bridge” and “Here and now”.
  • Martín Carrizo : Drums.
  • Fernando Nalé: Bass in 4, 6, 11. Double bass in 3, 5 and Bass without frets in 13.
  • Tweety González : Keyboards in «Beautiful».
  • Alejandro Terán: Arrangement in «Verbo carne».
  • Eduardo Bergallo : Engineer, mix.
  • MacKinlay: 2nd Engineer.
  • Eduardo Iencenella: Attendance.
  • Clive Goddard: Mixture.
  • Barry Woodward: Editor, The Townhouse, London .
  • Bunt Stafford-Clark: Master of Recording, The Townhouse, London .
  • Gaby Herbstein : Photography.
  • Oscar (Roho): Hairstyles.
  • Sofia Temperley: Photoshop.
  • ROS: Design direction.
The London Session Orchestra
  • Gavin Wright: Director.
  • Peter Cobbin: Engineer.
  • Joel Gregg: Attendance 3

Recorded at CasaSubmarina, Buenos Aires . The symphony orchestra was recorded at Abbey Road Studios , London .


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