Promise (movie, 1986)

Promise (original title: Ningen no yakusoku ) is a Japanese film by Yoshishige Yoshida released in 1986 .


Yoshio, a publicist by profession, discovers, one morning, the body of Tatsu, his old mother, inanimate. Would she have committed suicide? Sick, suffering, Tatsu could no longer stand his environment. However, the investigating inspector suspects a murder. Ryosaku, the husband of Tatsu, calls himself guilty.

Data sheet

  • Title of the film: Promesse
  • Original title: Ningen no yakusoku
  • Directed by: Yoshishige Yoshida
  • Screenplay: Y. Yoshida, Fukiko Miyauchi from the novel by Shuichi Sae
  • Photography: Yoshihiro Yamazaki – Fujicolor
  • Music: Haruomi Hosono
  • Editing: Akira Suzuki
  • Production: Kiyoshi Fujimoto for TV Asahi , Seibu Company Ltd., Kinema Tokyo Ltd.
  • Duration: 124 minutes in Japan ; 119 minutes in France
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Exit : in Japan


  • Rentarô Mikuni : Ryôsaku
  • Sachiko Murase : Tatsu, the wife of Ryôsaku
  • Chûchirô Kawarasaki : Yoshio, the son of Ryôsaku
  • Kôichi Satô : Detective Yoshikawa
  • Orie Satô : Ritsuko, the wife of Yoshio
  • Tetsuta Sugimoto : Takao

Around the film

After a silence of thirteen years, Yoshishige Yoshida returned to the cinema of fiction (his film will be presented at the Festival of Cannes ) unexpectedly. “There is no more intellectualism or hermeticism, but a description, at once raw and retained, of the physical and mental degradation of old age, combined with an impassive denunciation of the indifference of the younger generations towards the Old ones. » 1

The director said: “In making this film about the euthanasia of senescent people in an aging society itself, I had no intention whatsoever to question its merits. The recurring image of water, this constantly changing water, meant to reflect the ignorant existence of men incapable of knowing their own death. » 2


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