Press (song)

“‘ Pulsar’ ” is a song and simple of the Argentine rock musician Gustavo Cerati , written by himself. It was released as a second single from her solo studio album Love Yellow , which was released parallel to her career with Soda Stereo . It could be considered as one of the most experimental songs of the album since it has musical basis to the sampler . This electronic instrument had started using it from Colores santos with Daniel Melero and then in Dynamo with Soda Stereo and he liked the versatility of this instrument, which would be the beginning of his taste for electronic music that would later translate into his projects ” Plan V “or” Roken “.

In spite of being a song different from what Gustavo Cerati’s fans were accustomed to, it is one of the most popular and favorite songs of the musician’s fans and was interpreted in the majority of the concerts in which it appeared.


It has basic sampler that accompanies the song from start to finish. It is musically united with no pauses with I take you to take me through sounds generated by said instrument (when the song ends, “Pulsar” begins). It starts with the sampler, which is without another instrument until the 0:46 minute. Then the drums and bass begin, followed by the voice of Gustavo Cerati . Just at 2:29 the electric guitar is joined, thus beginning the second part of the song. All instruments except the sampler are stopped, the bass and electric guitar are quickly rejoined. When you start the battery again you go to the end of the song. The song ends with a powerful guitar solo.

This song contains a sample of Sirius instrumental from The Alan Parsons Project from the 1982 album Eye in the Sky .


The video clip that appears on the DVD “Reversiones” was recorded with a pink filter in the camera and shows different scenes, such as the route of a railway and also you see what looks like an empty restaurant in which only appear Gustavo Cerati singing And you can also see Cecilia Amenábar , wife of the musician at that time, who also appears in the video clip ” I take you to take me “, song in which she sings. There is a version of the video with a yellow filter, used and previously on TV, that exists in VHS and also one with the blue filter which is almost impossible to locate. This brings to mind the album Entreat by The Cure which also came out in Blue, Yellow and Pink.


One of the most outstanding versions is that Gustavo made in the studies of the radio “FM 100″ in 1994 (one of the few presentations to promote ” Yellow Love “), which is similar to the original and has the outstanding participation Of his companion Soda Stereo Zeta Bosio playing the bass .