Plus, you understand.

Plus tard tu comprendras (also known as Plus tard and Som dia comprás ) is a German , French and German film directed by Amos Gitaï in 2008 . His script is the adaptation of the homonymous autobiographical text of Jerome Clément , who has a brief appearance in the first sequence.


Victor discovers that a part of his family, Jewish, was deported during the war. Try to know more about that buried past by questioning his mother.


  • Hippolyte Girardot : Victor
  • Jeanne Moreau : Rivka
  • Emmanuelle Devos : Françoise
  • Dominique Blanc : Tania
  • Daniel Duval : Georges Gornick
  • Denise Aron-Schropfer : Sipa Gornick
  • Jan Oliver Schroeder : the German officer
  • Serge Moati : the pharmacist
  • Mouna Soualem : Esther
  • Samuel Cohen : Louis