Philipp von Boeselager

Baron Philipp Freiherr von Boeselager ( 6 of September of 1917 – 1 of maypole of 2008 ) was one of the last survivors of the plot of July 20 the Wehrmacht to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1944.

Von Boeselager was born in the castle Burg Heimerzheim near Bonn , the fifth of nine children of the Freiherr (Baron) Albert von Boeselager (1883-1956) and Freiin (Maria) Theresia von Salis-Soglio (1890-1968).

As a young lieutenant of 25 years participated in Operation Valkyrie , after in 1942 he changed his opinion about the regime when he learned that five Gypsies had been executed in cold blood.

He joined Günther von Kluge in the March 1943 bombing where he had to shoot Himmler and Hitler.

His brother Georg von Boeselager also participated in the July 20 plot. He was not arrested and died on the eastern front a month later.

After the war he was seen as a hero in Germany and France receiving the highest honors and decorations.

At the entrance of his residence of the castle Kreuzberg in Altenahr wrote ” Et si omnes non ego – although even all, I do not.”

Two weeks before his death he gave a television interview to Zora Wolter for The Valkyrie Legacy .


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