Perry Broad

Perry Broad , also known as Pery Broad ( Rio de Janeiro , 25 of April of 1921 – Düsseldorf , 28 of November of 1993 ) was a non – commissioned officer of the SS, home Brazilian , with the rank of SS-Unterscharführer , active in the Auschwitz From April 1942 until its closure in 1945, as a translator and stenographer at the Main Headquarters of the SS at Auschwitz. 1

Youth and World War II

Perry Broad, born in Rio de Janeiro in 1921, moved to Berlin with his mother at the age of five. He studied at the University Technical School in Berlin and joined the ” SS ” in 1941 as a foreign volunteer. Assigned on duty at Auschwitz , he requested a transfer to the “Political Section” or “Politische Abteilung” where he was charged with conducting interrogations. It remained in the field until the dissolution in January of 1945, moment in which it escaped towards Germany being captured by the British . Considered a Prisoner of War, he voluntarily wrote a report on his experiences at Auschwitz . 2

Post War

Released in 1947, he was arrested again 12 years later, again freed in 1960 after paying a fine of DM 50,000. Again following the Auschwitz Trial in Frankfurt , he was arrested in November 1964. In the process, participation and supervision it was found during the selections on the ramp at Birkenau , in addition to its participation in interrogations, torture and executions. He was therefore sentenced to four years in 1965.

He died of natural causes in Dusseldorf , Germany in 1993 .


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