Paul von Hase

Karl von Hase Paul Immanuel ( 24 of July of 1885 – 8 of August of 1944 ) was a German military career and one of the members of the German resistance to Nazism .


Son of court doctor Paul Erwin von Hase (1840-1918) and Friederike Sperber (1849-1943), was grandson of the preacher and Protestant historian Karl von Hase (1800-1890). He was the great-grandson of Gottfried Christoph Härtel (co-founder of the company Breitkopf & Härtel ).

He was born in Hanover . Military career served in the Wehrmacht where he was battalion commander between 1933 and 1940, participating in the invasion of Poland .

He married on 14 December 1921 in Neustrelitz with Margarethe Baronesse von Funck (* 1898- 1968), daughter of Captain Carl Baron von Funck and Ella Kassack.

From 1938 he began to conspire with Wilhelm Canaris , Hans Oster , Erwin von Witzleben , Franz Halder and Erich Hoepner .

Relative to the famous Lutheran pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer (whose mother Paula von Hase, daughter of Klara von Hase, Countess Kalckreuth and married to Dr. Karl Bonhoeffer was her cousin sister) was part of the conspiracy and was also executed.

After the failed plot of July 20, 1944 he was arrested by the Gestapo in an ambush while dining with Joseph Goebbels . 1

At the judgment of the People ‘s Court ( Volksgerichtshof ) on 8 August 1944 he was sentenced by Judge Roland Freisler to be hanged that day at the Plötzensee prison in Berlin.


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