Paul Blobel

Paul Blobel ( Potsdam , 13 of August of 1894 – Landsberg am Lech , 7 of June of 1951 ) was an official Nazi participant in the Holocaust : SS – Standartenführer , member of the Sicherheitsdienst or SD, head of the special command (Sonderkommando) 4a and Of the Sonderkommando 1005 of the Einsatzgruppen during World War II .


He participated in World War I , where he was decorated with the Iron Cross of first and second class. After the war, Blobel studied architecture and practiced this profession from 1924 to 1931, after losing his job joined the National Socialist Workers’ Party or NSDAP with the number 844.662, December 1, 1931, as well as To the SS , with the number 29,100, of the same date.

During the German invasion of the Soviet Union was responsible for the 4th Sonderkommando, extermination unit belonging to Einsatzgruppe C, which acted in Ukraine . Blobel was primarily responsible for the slaughter of Babi Yar in Kiev , which took place on 29 and 30 of September of 1941 , where they were killed about 100,000 civilians, mostly of origin is not Jewish (33,000 Jews and more than 60,000 communist Partisans , Gypsies, among others).

He was removed from his command on 13 of January of 1942 , officially for health reasons but was mainly due to his alcoholism . Between July 1942 and 1944 he participated in Aktion 1005, which aims to eliminate all traces of mass massacres perpetrated by the Germans in Russia and Ukraine , and in Babi Yar in particular. This operation was carried out by the exhumation of the corpses of the common graves and their subsequent combustion, a task that Blobel optimized when alternating wood with layers of corpses or the use of rails like grills.

After the war, he was sentenced to death by the US Military Tribunal . UU. In the Trial to the Einsatzgruppen within the Trials of Nuremberg . He was hanged in the prison of Landsberg the 8 of June of 1951 .


  • SS- Standartenführer : 30. January. 1941
  • SS- Obersturmbannführer :
  • SS- Sturmbannführer :
  • SS- Hauptsturmführer : 9. Nov. 1936
  • SS- Obersturmführer : 9. Nov. 1935
  • SS- Untersturmführer : 21. Mar. 1935
  • SS- Scharführer : nearby. 1934