Pan Guang

Pan Guang (in Chinese :潘光, pinyin : Pan Guang , born 7 as June as 1947 in Shanghai , China ) is a political scientist and historian Chinese.


Pan Guang was born in Shanghai and grew up in Hainan , in southern China . He studied at Renmin University in Beijing and at Donghua University in Shanghai . He made the Bachelor in political science and also the Master and doctorate in history . In 2005, he was appointed to the High Level Group of the United Nations for the Alliance of Civilizations , which was established by the then Secretary General Kofi Annan.


  • President of the Center for Jewish Studies in Shanghai
  • Director of SCO Shanghai Cooperation Organization Studies Center in Shanghai
  • Vice President of Chinese Society of Middle East Studies
  • Director and Professor of the Shanghai Center for International Studies and Institute of European and Asian Studies at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)


  • The Jews in China
  • Open Door Policy in Asia , Africa and Latin America
  • Selected Works on Arab African History
  • US War on Iraq (2003)
  • From Silk Road to ASEM: 2000 years of Asia- Europe Relations
  • China – Central Asia– Russia Relations
  • SCO and China’s Role in the War on Terrorism
  • Contemporary International Crises
  • China’s Success in the Middle East
  • China’s Anti-Terror Strategy and China’s Role in the War on Terror
  • Islam and Confucianism: the Development of Chinese Islam
  • Ethnic and Religious Conflicts in Pacific Rim Area
  • China and Post-Soviet Central Asia


  • 1993: James Friend Annual Memorial Award for Sino-Jewish Studies
  • 1996: Special Award for Research on Canadian Jews from China
  • 2004: Saint Petersburg-300 Medal for Contribution to China-Russia Relations
  • 2006: Austrian Holocaust Memorial Award