Otto von Lossow

Otto von Lossow ( Hof , 15 of January of 1868 – Munich , 25 of November of 1938 ) was a General of the army German appointed to control the region of Bavaria in the period of the Weimar Republic . It was next to Adolf Hitler in the Putsch of the Brewery of Munich of 1923 , in spite of having deserted after receiving orders of the general Jakob Ritter von Danner . 1 2

Military career

Otto was born in Hof, in the Kingdom of Bavaria , and entered the Bavarian army in 1888. He participated in several missions, among them, he served alongside the German contingent in the Bóxers Uprising .

Before the beginning of World War I , Lossow was a general without a specific attribution within the army. In the recruitments of August of 1914 , Lossow was designated to command II Corps of Bavarian Reserve. Lossow remained in this command until being appointed to go to Istanbul to, along with the army of the Ottoman Empire , to respond to the landing of allied forces in Gallipoli .

It remained in the Ottoman Empire until the end of the war, being decorated with the patent of Major general in its return to Germany. Until allied with Hitler in the brewery Bürgerbräu in putsch of 1923, was instructor military in the infantry of the reduced German army of the postwar period. Lossow, as well as other war veterans, believed in an uprising carried out by a paramilitary army, since it would be particularly difficult to capture enough adepts among the meager numbers of the official army.

The Putsch of 1923

Otto von Lossow was part of an essential triumvirate for the accomplishment of the coup. Together with him were Gustav Ritter von Kahr , minister-president of Bavaria, and Colonel Hans Ritter von Seisser , head of the Bavarian police (Landespolizei).

The Bavarian region, still under the command of the leaders of the Weimar Republic, had some autonomy and initiative to have the support of many right-wing Germans who believed they needed to act against the red enemy who ” stabbed the German people from the back “(A term commonly used at the time to refer to those who signed the Versailles Treaty , consolidating the German defeat in the war along with severe reparations).

Lossow was with Ludendorff , Göring , Eckart and others in the brewery before the coup and effusively supported the leaders of the German National Socialist Workers’ Party . During the coup, through General Hans von Seeckt , he was ordered by von Danner to desist from the coup and to relocate the infantry in the center of Munich. Otto, along with Seisser and Kahr, returned to the barracks in the center of Munich to meet again with von Danner and, in fact, deserted from the putsch.

He died in Munich in 1938.


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