Otto Moll

Otto Moll ( Hohenschonberg , 4 of March of 1915 – Landsberg , 28 of maypole of 1946 ) was a sergeant major Nazi of SS , with the rank of Hauptscharführer (SS Chief Warrant Officer) served in Auschwitz as responsible for the gas chambers during The Holocaust of World War II .

Otto Moll joined the SS 1 of maypole of 1935 , with the record number of 267,670. From the beginning he worked in the prison system of the Third Reich and was prominent in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Germany . Sent to work at the concentration camp of Auschwitz in Poland in May 1941 where he remained until the evacuation in January 1945 .

In the field he served as Commander (Kommandoführer) of the workshop area, headed the Prisoner Employment Service and was Head of the Birkenau camp cremation ovens (Auschwitz II). He was also Field Head, in the sub-field of Wesola near Myslowice and the subfield of Gleiwitz in Gliwice, all belonging to Auschwitz . He was considered one of the regime’s most cruel Nazis along with Franz Hoessler , Hans Aumeier , Eric Muhsfeldt and others. He was in charge of the liquidation of the Hungarian Jews from the 9 of May of 1944 by orders of the SS Obersturmbannführer Rudolf Höss when it is appointed Head of all the crematoria.

Testimonials about Otto Moll

According to the work of the historian Jeremy Dixon, SS Otto Moll, they are attributed several crimes among which were:

  • Moll placed naked women in front of pyres where bodies of dead prisoners were burned and he was firing them in the abdomen watching as they were consumed in the fire still wounded.
  • On one occasion he discovered a prisoner of the Sonderkommando in possession of a gold ring. Moll immediately sprinkled it on gasoline and burned it alive.
  • Another detainee was hanged by the hands, Moll proceeding to shoot him until he released his arms. He then repeated the process but shot him at the feet of another prisoner.
  • Another testimony about the sadism of Moll says that the SS, removed a child from his mother to get to Crematorium IV, which had two huge trenches where burning human fat and threw the child to one of those passages where he died burned with Rest of the bodies.
  • The 18 of December of 1943 , when a group of prisoners returning from mines Brzeszcze-Jawischowitz, one of the detainees escaped from the working section that belonged to Auschwitz III. Later, when the prisoners returned, Moll, who was the commander of the camp, ordered the prisoners to be trained in the field yard. Without trial or investigation he chose a few prisoners and personally shot them in front of the other columns of prisoners, leaving the bodies of the detainees on the spot until the following day.

The end

Captured by the Americans at the end of the war and brought before a military court in the so – called Trial of Dachau , where he was sentenced to death on 13 of December of 1945 and executed by hanging on 28 of maypole of 1946 in the military prison of Landsberg .


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