Otto Hunsche

Otto Hunsche ( 15 as September as 1911 – 2 as September as 1994 ) was an official German belonging to the SS Nazi , active during the Holocaust Jew in World War II .

Hunsche was a member of Section IVB4 , under the direct orders of Adolf Eichmann in Hungary in 1944 . He had the rank of SS Hauptsturmführer ( Captain ).

He was arrested in Frankfurt am Main in 1957 , but released in 1959 . Rearrested in November 1960 and charged with the murder of 1,200 people by the Court of Justice of Frankfurt in April of 1962 . He was convicted in February 1965 , but was considered to have served his time in prison and was released.

There is no information about his later life. He died in 1994 .