Otto Hofmann

Otto Hofmann ( 16 of March of 1896 – 31 of December of 1982 ) was SS-Gruppenführer, General of Division of the SS of Nazi Germany . He joined the Nazi Party under No. 145,729 and the SS under No. 7,646.

Ascended to SS Gruppenführer (General of Division SS) 20 of April of 1941 . He was born in Austria .

It was attended by the 20 of January of 1942 at the Wannsee Conference , on behalf of the Main Office of Race and Colonization of the Third Reich , planning the Holocaust against the Jews .

Arrested in 1945 for war crimes , sentenced to 25 years, he only served six and was released. Then he worked as a cashier in a bank . He died in 1982 .