Otto Georg Thierack

Otto Georg Thierack ( Wurzen , Saxony , 19 as April as 1889 – 22 as November as 1946 ) was a lawyer and politician Nazi .


He served in World War I , where he was promoted to lieutenant. He received wounds on his face and was decorated with the Iron Cross .

He resumed his legal career and joined the Nazi party in 1932. He presided over the Rechtswahrerbund jurists’ association and soon served as chairman of the newly established People’s Court in 1936 to 1942 and was succeeded by the infamous Roland Freisler .

20 of August of 1942, assumed like minister of justice of the Third Reich changing laws and statutes. He persecuted “antisocial” groups – Jews , Poles, Russians, Gypsies – agreeing with Heinrich Himmler that they should be “annihilated at work”. It instigated mass executions from September 7, 1943.

After his arrest, he was poisoned before the Nuremberg Trial .