One million light years

« A million light years » is a song by Argentine rock band Soda Stereo , written by Gustavo Cerati . The original version appeared on the album Animal Song , 1990, as the second track of this. This version was re-included in the compilation called Me Verás volver (Hits & +) , 2007, as thirteenth track.

It is a song that has been performed several times live, although this way only has been published in the album The last concert B as eighth track and in the album Gira Me verás back CD # 2 also as eighth track.

It is rumored that the group wanted the song to be called “Do not Come Back” but because of problems with the record company the song was entitled “A Million Light Years”. It is assumed that this is why in the setlist of the tours , the members of the group wrote “Do not come back”.

Cerati said about the song: “To compose it I took a little the original idea of ​​Ravel Bolero, with that guitar faced with a bass to counterpoint that I have used so much. It seems to me an interesting song, it has something like epic. The riff that wandered throughout the song was the first thing I could get. It is also a composition that allowed me to realize how the desire to be well can become a hopeful melody, where it seems that one could touch the beauty on a level a little beyond the usual, transformed into a sweet revenge: “Do not come back without reason because I will not be here, but a million light-years away.”


The song starts with keyboards, guitar and whispered voices. At the end of this, the song is stopped and the main riff of the song begins to play . The tempo and downline of the bass are clearly inspired by Tempted, by Squeeze. After mentioned last time , “I’ll be a million light years from home” Cerati does a solo guitar, which is much more widespread in the live versions in the original version. It is noteworthy that the version of the last concert was edited the part of the solo that Gustavo Cerati does reducing it clearly with respect to the original, in contrast the version of the Tour: Me Veras Volver, did not suffer any cut in the solo.