Nothing personal (song)

Nothing personal ” is a song and simple created by Gustavo Cerati and performed by the Argentinean band Soda Stereo , is one of the group’s most outstanding songs.

It was released as theme No. 1 of the band’s second album, Nothing Personal , which went on sale in October 1985 . It was the first Latin American hit of Soda Stereo and has been considered the No. 74 among the best songs in the history of Argentine rock. 1

The letter

Like other Soda Stereo songs ( TV Overdose , Dietetic , Why I can not be a jet-set? ), The lyrics of Nada personal refer to the emotional void in the information society : ” communication without emotion … I search on TV for some message between lines, I look for someone who shakes my head, and I find nothing. Nothing, nothing personal .

The lyrics of Gustavo Cerati lend themselves to infinite interpretations given that he uses double meanings and uses a lot of references to sexual themes. A literal reading leads the listener to imagine a lonely man watching a movie that excites him (“… I look for heat in that video image”) but he is frustrated because he finds “nothing personal”. His erotic frustration returns to the point when he says “it would be good to touch you but it is useless, your body is latex”, an image that can suggest both the presence of an inflatable doll and that of a real but artificial or superficial woman using A metaphor related to cosmetic surgery . The theme insists on the search for “heat” and excitement on the part of the protagonist in the images he sees and his frustration at not finding “anything personal”.It also shows the desire of one person to another ” sincerely, it would be so good to touch” , but that body does not exist ” but it is useless, your body is latex ” (or is not how you see it).

The music

The song maintains the danceable style of Soda Stereo ‘s first album , with evident new wave influence according to The Police and the dark focus of The Cure (which can be seen especially in the release video), but it is also composed of a more musical structure Complicated, alternating rhythms and climates. It begins with a low guitar riff, reminding Dielectic , to which the rest of the instruments are added. The chorus sung by Cerati, playing with the expressions “nothing” and “nothing personal” , while the rest of the band (and the public live performances) accompanied by a choir responding with an “oh, oh, oh” , Which has become well known.

Related terms

  • The album Nada personal , with its leading theme, was the one that initiated the massive popularity of Soda Stereo and its first Latin American exit, to Chile , in 1986 . In the chapter To see and hear , you can access the interpretation of the song in Chile, in that first exit of the band.


  • Nothing personal , was the closing song of the presentation of Soda Stereo at the Viña del Mar Festival of 1987 , which launched the band towards mass popularity in Latin America . In the chapter To see and hear , this historical interpretation can be accessed.
  • Nada Personal , was also included in the album Zona de Promesas with a remixed version and with the name Nada Personal Rémix .
  • In 2007 was included like track nº13 of the album-compiled Me veras volver .