Nirgendwo in Afrika

In a place of Africa (in German , Nirgendwo in Afrika ) is a German epic filmof 2001 , directed by Caroline Link and based on the autobiographical novel of the same name, written by Stefanie Zweig . It tells the story of a Jewish familyemigrating to Kenya during World War II to escape persecution in Nazi Germany and farm a farm. The film won the Oscar for best foreign film in 2002 .


In 1938 , the Redlich family fled to Kenya from Leobschütz (in Silesia , Nazi Germany ) to escape the growing persecution of Jews by the Nazis . Walter, a former lawyer, finds himself worked as a farm manager and sends for his family. His wife Jettel has problems adjusting to life in Africa , although his daughter Regina adapts quickly to her new environment, easily learning the language of the country and showing interest in the local culture. Soon, Regina befriends the farm cook, Owuor.

When World War II broke out , the British gathered all German citizens and arrested them, whether Jews or Gentiles , separating men from women. The Redlich marriage is beginning to deteriorate. Jettel sleeps with a British soldier who spoke German to secure work and a home for the family, but both Regina and Walter learn of this fact. Walter decides to join the British Army and wants Jettel to go to Nairobi with him, but she refuses and stays on the farm with Owuor. Regina is sent to an English boarding school, where she remains for years, only returning from time to time during the harvest season. During this time, Jettel and Süsskind start a relationship.

Walter returns from the war and says that the policy of the British Army is to send all the soldiers with their families home. Jettel refuses to go with him, saying that the farm needs it. Finally, their relationship improves and Jettel allows him to decide to Walter if they leave or not. Walter is scheduled to take the post of judge in postwar Germany . The last scene shows Walter, Regina and Jettel traveling on an African train; When the train stops, an African woman offers Jettel a banana, so she realizes how much she cares about Africa.


  • Juliane Köhler – Jettel Redlich
  • Merab Ninidze – Walter Redlich
  • Sidede Onyulo – Owuor
  • Matthias Habich – Süsskind
  • Lea Kurka – Regina (small)
  • Karoline Eckertz – Regina (senior)
  • Gerd Heinz – Max
  • Hildegard Schmahl – Ina
  • Maritta Horwarth – Liesel
  • Regine Zimmermann – Käthe
  • Gabrielle Odinis – Dienstmädchen Klara
  • Bettina Redlich – Mrs. Sadler
  • Julia Leidl – Inge
  • Mechthild Grossmann – Elsa Konrad
  • Joel Wajsberg – Hubert


  • Deutscher Filmpreis (“German Film Award”: “Golden Lola”) 2002
    • Best film
    • Best Cinematography: Gernot Roll
    • Best Director: Caroline Link
    • Best Music: Niki Reiser
    • Best Supporting Actor: Matthias Habich
  • Bayerischer Filmpreis (“Bavarian Film Award”) 2002
    • Best production
  • Bayerischer Filmpreis (“Bavarian Film Award”) 2003
    • Audience Award
  • Oscar awards
    • Best Foreign Language Film