Natural force

Fuerza Natural is the fifth and final studio album by Gustavo Cerati in his solo stage, released on September 1 , 2009 . The disc is characterized by a folk soundwith the presence of acoustic guitars and mandolins . The first cut of the album was ” Déjà vu “. It was certified with Disco de Oro in Argentina for selling more than 20 000 copies in its first week of launch. This is the last album released by Cerati before suffering the stroke that would keep him in a coma from May 2010 until his death on September 4, 2014.

The idea of ​​the disc

Cerati : “I conceived it and thought of it as an album, that’s why there’s going to be a vinyl edition too, it’s crazy: in the 80’s I missed the simple records of the golden years of rock, now that the single came back – in another format – I am not interested anymore, I am interested in the most complete thing.It is also a road trip, more solitary than there we go, more celebratory and also with a high dose of alarm in the face of natural phenomena.It was called Wind, In the end it was a natural force.It does not have an ecological message, but it speaks precisely of the internal and external natural forces, the invisible ones and the daily ones.It also has a lot of field, a lot of pampa.Many of the lyrics I wrote in a farm that I have in José Ignacio, Uruguay It is like a compendium of my career, but expansive, it is not a sum of clichés, but they are “. 7


As in all the works of Gustavo Cerati, in this album they share several musical genres, even opposed to each other. In addition, it is an almost total overturn of the rocky sound and full of guitars from his previous album Here we go . Cerati changes the powerful riffs and guitar solos, for more melodic, soft and relaxing sounds; In addition to songs more charged to pop like the three singles.

The music has a great influence of the indie rock , as it is heard in “Natural force”, “Still life”, “I have seen Lucy”; As well as indie rock mixed with pop rock like the three singles “Déjà vu”, “Rapto” and “Magia”.

Also it is highly perceptible the presence of a folk influence, especially folk Argentine, indie folk; As well as alternative country traits . Clear examples are “Cactus”, “Traction to Blood”, “Natural force” or pop “Love bluntly”.

In soft ballads like “Sal”, “Convoy” or the hidden track «#», a soft alternative rock appears mixed with pop melodies.

A curiosity about the song “I have seen Lucy” is that, since 3:37 minute, it contains a sample of “The park”, song written by Luis Alberto Spinetta and interpreted by the band the Heavy of Rock and Roll in its Album Billy Bond and The Heavy of the Rock and Roll of 1971 .

Prizes and recognitions

Fuerza Natural won the seven categories in which he was nominated at the Carlos Gardel Awards 2010.

CAPIF, the chamber that groups the record labels of Argentina, announced the winners of the 2010 Gardel Awards.

The most anticipated award, Gardel de Oro, was for Gustavo for his album “Fuerza natural”, being the second in its category (the first one was obtained in 2007, by Vamos Vamos). Fuerza Natural won the 2010 Gardel Award in all categories in which he was nominated.

  • Best Rock Artist Album
  • Best Cover Design (Rock Instrument Bureau)
  • Best Video Clip (Landia · Déjà vu )
  • Recording Engineering (Héctor Castillo · Uriel Dorfman · Nicolas Parker Pucci · James Brown · Greg Calbi)
  • Production of the Year (Gustavo Cerati · Héctor Castillo)
  • Song of the Year ( Déjà vu )
  • Album of the Year

Simultaneously, Gustavo was awarded a 2010 Musa at the OYE Awards ceremony.

On the same day that CAPIF announced the winners of the Gardel Awards, Thursday, November 4, the awards ceremony of the ninth Oye Awards ceremony was held in Monterrey, Mexico. The capital of the state of Nuevo Leon, recognizes the best of music recorded in 20 categories divided into three major categories: pop and rock Spanish, Anglo and popular. Gustavo was awarded in the category of Rock in Spanish with the Musa 2010, as the award is known. Referring to Fig.

On November 11, 2010 for this album, Cerati won three Latin Grammy Awards , one for best rock album and album cover design and the third for the song “Dejà vu” which is also included in Fuerza Natural. Referring to Fig.


In the section acknowledging the album, Gustavo wrote the following:

To Beni , Lisa, Leona, Laura, Estela, Mama, Emmanuel H , Laila, Pablo Mangione, Héctor, Nico “parker”, Uri, Adrián Taverna, Didi, Sterling C, Adrian Paoletti, Richard Coleman , Danger Mouse, Lucas, B ’52, Fernando Blanco, Manu, Oscar F, electriko, Santi, Cinthia, Capi, Zeta , Charly Alberti , German, Flavius , Jill, Zuker, Loló, Raul (uy), Eduardo Bergallo, Oscar and Raul (202), Tweety , Tere, Lolo, Bara, Miguel, Paulo Giardina, Nico Bernaudo, Diego Sáenz, Nora Lezano, Ale Terán, Byron, Glen, Roger Waters , Kiss, Norberto, Leo Garcia, Manu, Cork (king), Shakira , Adam, Capri , Dxx, Andy Fogwill, Rano, Muriel, Afo Verde, Alberto Paiaro, Rafa Vila, Damián Amato, Fabián Granara, All in Sony, Gabriel Picart, Leo Gonzalo, Waiver, Magic Maggie, Rudy Pens , Diego Quarto (Vintage Club) Daniel Guemes, Muchatela, La Fundamental, Terán, Bolivia, Nike, and all those who participated directly or indirectly. Thank you and Natural Strength!

List of songs

No. Title Writer (s) Duration
1. “Natural force” Cerati – Benito Cerati 4:50
2. « Déjà vu » Cerati 3:24
3. “Magic” Cerati – Paoletti 4:28
Four. « Love without bluntness » Cerati – Paoletti 3:53
5. «Blood traction» Cerati 4:16
6. “Disaster” Cerati – Benito Cerati 3:36
7. « Rapture » Cerati – Benito Cerati 3:56
8. “Cactus” Cerati 3:54
9. “Still life” Cerati – Coleman 3:53
10. “Domino” Cerati – Coleman 3:18
eleven. « Salt » Cerati – Paoletti – Benito Cerati 4:17
12. “Convoy” Cerati 3:14
13. «I’ve seen Lucy – #» (Track hidden) Cerati 9:20

Cortes broadcast

  • Déjà vu (# 2 ARG)
  • Rapture (# 12 ARG)
  • Magic (# 25 ARG)


  • Deja vu
  • Rapture
  • Magic

Data sheet

  • Gustavo Cerati : voice , lead guitar , synths, mpc, Rhodes , bass and programming.
  • Gonzalo Córdoba: Guitars .
  • Leandro Fresco : choirs , additional programming, keyboards .
  • Fernando Nalé: low .
  • Fernando Samalea : drums , percussion .
  • «Bag» González: battery .
  • Anita Álvarez de Toledo: choirs. 10
  • Lucas Martí : Drums Simmons .
  • Richard Coleman : guitar.
  • Alejandro Terán: saxo .
  • Christian Terán: tenor sax .
  • Santiago Castellani: trombone .
  • Miguel Ángel Tallarita : trumpet .
Guest musicians
  • Benito Cerati : lyrics
  • Richard Coleman : lyrics
  • Sterling Campbell : Drums
  • Didi Gutman: Keyboards
  • Byron Isaacs: lap steel and bass
  • Glenn Patscha: piano and organ 10
Additional staff
  • Production: Gustavo Cerati.
  • Co-production: Héctor Castillo.
  • Recorded and mixed in: Unison, Buenos Aires .
  • Recording and mixing engineer: Héctor Castillo.
  • Second engineer: Uriel Dorfman.
  • Third engineer and technical assistant Unison: Nicolás Parker Pucci.
  • Assistant Unison: Teresa Albornoz.
  • Instrument technicians: Miguel Lara, Barakus Iencenella.
  • Battery technician: «Bag» Gonzalez.
  • Maintenance of Pro Tools: Vasco.
  • Luthier: Jorge Ash Zeballos.
  • Additional recordings at: Looking Glass and Stratosphere Sound, New York .
  • Assistant: Adam Thompson.
  • Additional Engineering: James Brown.
  • Battery Technician: Artie Smith.
  • Mastering: Greg Calbi, Sterling Sound, New York.
  • Disc art: Rock Instrument Bureau.
  • Conceptual contribution: Manuel Morales.
  • Photos: Nico Hardy, German Saez, Gisela Filc, Nora Lezano.
  • He combed: Oscar Fernández – Roho.
  • Costume design: Manuel Morales – GC.
  • A & R Sony Music: Rafa Vila.
  • Press: Amelia Alvarez.
  • Manager: Fernando Travi.

Album lists

Chart (2009) Peak
Argentina Top Albums by Week 11 1
Argentina Album Top Albums Monthly 11 1
Mexico Top of Album 12 1


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