Mordechaj Gebirtig

Mordechai Gebirtig (his real name was Mordche Bertig , Krakow , then Austro – Hungarian Empire , 4 of maypole of 1877 – Krakow ghetto , 4 of June of 1942 ) was a carpenter , poet , composer and militant socialist Polish who wrote in Yiddish . 1


By profession he was a carpenter: he fixed old furniture. He lived with his wife Blumke and his three daughters in the district of Kazimierz in Krakow, and at night composed songs in Yiddish. 1

He was self-taught in literary training. He composed his songs with a small flute . He composed 90 songs in Yiddish (Germanic language spoken by the Ashkenazi and written usually in Hebrew ) – from children to proletarian and socialist songs .

It has been called “the last bard in Jiddisch”, as it shows the lives of ordinary people in the Jewish quarter of Krakow .

On June 4, 1942 was shot dead in the street and in the light of day in the ghetto of Krakow , by a soldier of the troops of Nazi occupation.

The march of the unemployed

Main article: The march of the unemployed

The March of the Jobless or March of the Unemployed – ארבעטלאעועמארש- Arbetloze Marsch ( March of the Jobless in English) is one of the most famous and famous temples of Gebirtig. Both the text and the melody were written by Mordechaj Gebirtig. 1 The song has been recovered by bands like Banda Bassoti 2 and Daniel Kahn and The Painted Bird . 3


Written work

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  • S’brent. Krakau 1946


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