Meetings Hitler-Mussolini

Meetings Hitler-Mussolini . Hitler and Mussolini met seventeen times between 1934 and 1944. 1


The first meeting took place on June 14, 1934 in Venice . This meeting lasted 2 days. It was a state visit, in which there were no concrete agreements. The second meeting was in Rome on May 3, 1938, with a duration of 7 days. Hitler also visited other cities like Florence and Naples. The 3rd was in Brenner , northern Italy and near the Austrian border, on March 18, 1940: They are about future military operations in Europe and about Italy’s involvement in the war. The 4th was on June 18, 1940 in Munich , Germany. Hitler and Mussolini met to study the terms of the armistice requested by France: Armistice of June 22, 1940 . The 5th was in Brenner on October 10, 1940, to discuss issues related to France. The 6th was held in Florence on October 28, 1940, the same day Italy invaded Greece in the Greco-Italian War . The 7th was in Berchtesgaden (Bavaria) on January 19, 1941 on the occasion of the Italian setbacks in World War II . The 8th was again in Brennero (Italy) on June 2, 1941 to analyze the Spanish situation and the future of relations with the USSR , and the 9th was in Feltre, 100 km north of Venice, on July 19 Of 1943. Hitler had to convince Mussolini not to break the Rome-Berlin Pact .

Other meetings

Agreements of Munich : the 30 of September of 1938 takes place the incorporation of the Sudetes (belonging to Czechoslovakia) to Germany. They met Mussolini , Hermann Göring , Neville Chamberlain and Edouard Daladier

On October 23, 1940, Hitler met Franco in Hendaye, in the south of France: Interview with Hendaye to learn of Spain’s eventual entry into war with the Axis Forces . On October 24, 1940, Hitler interviewed Pétain at Montoire-sur-le-Loir to ask the Vichy Government to support the Axis Forces . On November 12, 1940 Hitler met in Berlin with Molotov , the Soviet Foreign Minister, without reaching any agreement.

Mussolini and Franco had a meeting in Bordighera , on the Italian Riviera, on February 11, 1941. In the Interview of Bordighera Mussolini wanted Franco to go to war.


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