Meat verb

Verbo Carne is a song created by Gustavo Cerati and interpreted by himself. This is perhaps his finest and haughty material, because it is one of the best produced works of the 1990s, with the presence of ” The London Session Orchestra ” and Alejandro Terán . It was released as theme number 8 of the album Bocanada , which went on sale in 1999 . It has been considered the 93rd best subject in the history of Argentine rock; Best of rock argentina


This song was not his production as other songs Bocanada , which were produced in the underwater house of Buenos Aires . The symphony orchestra ” The London Session Orchestra ” took care of the music of Verbo Meat in the studies of Abbey Road in London , the capital of the rock. The orchestra was directed by the first violin: Gavyn Wright. After this, the song was arranged by Alejandro Terán .

The Music

The music genre of this song could be considered as “Symphonic Rock”.


  • Gustavo Cerati : Voice , Guitar and Samplers .
  • The London Session Orchestra: Symphony .
  • Gavyn Wright: Director and Violin .


  • In 2001, Verbo Carne is included as track nº 9 in the album 11 Symphonic Episodes , being this a version almost equal to the original song, being the unique difference in that in the version of the disc Bocanada exists a battery and some own instruments of the rock As a musical background, and in the version of the Symphonic disc, is exclusively an orchestra performance.
  • In some concerts by Gustavo Cerati, has been interpreted in a version of “band” without the symphonic instruments, with more participation of the guitar, with bass and drums.