Max Amann

Max Amann ( Munich , Germany , 24 of November of 1891 – 31 March of 1957 ) was a soldier and politician German , one of the founders of the Nazi Party in 1920 . During Nazi Germany he coordinated German publishing houses and censorship over the media.


Youth and beginnings

During World War I , Max Amann was a career soldier and reached the rank of Sergeant (Feldwebel) in the Bavarian List Regiment , where he met and was Adolf Hitler’s trench companion . He was one of those who recommended it to the Iron Cross for merit in combat. Amann received the Second Class Iron Cross in 1914.

After the War, Hitler looked for Amann, who had been Administrator of the Regiment, to be in charge of the Administration of the nascent Nazi Party in Munich . Amann entered receiving the number 3 in the refoundation of the Party in 1920. From that moment it was dedicated entirely to the political development of the National Socialist Movement . Amann participated in the march in Coburg 14 and 15 of October of 1922 . He also takes part in the march of 9 of November of 1923 when Hitler tried to overthrow to the Government of Bavaria to take the power.

On April 4, 1922 Amann became director of Eher Verlag , the leading publisher of the Nazi Party. 1 2

He was also the publisher of the book My Struggle written by Hitler in the prison of Landsberg after the failed coup. It was Amann who suggested to Hitler to change the long title of Four and a half years of struggle against lies, stupidity and cowardice for the current title, as well as responsible for editing dozens of editions of the book. Amann lost his left arm in a hunting accident in 1931 while meeting Franz Ritter von Epp .

Amann in power

After the ascent to power the Nazis, received from Himmler the appointment like honorary member of the SS with the number 53,143.

Hitler also designated him as ” Reichsleiter für die Presse der NSDAP ” (Press Director of the NSDAP for the Reich). In that position, Amann managed to control economically and ideologically the media empire of the NSDAP. As president of the “Reich Press House” ( Reichspressekammer ), Amann dispatched provisions to confiscate and control the press, as well as to eliminate staff working in the press who refused to follow his edicts.

Amann did not have a superior formation, his cultural level was low and he was characterized by its rudeness and vulgarity. He did not hide his scandalous sex life or his uncontrolled ambition for money and political power. However, in order to carry out his political aspirations, he sought within the NSDAP those people who had the skills and qualities to plan and think methodically and deeply. In the economic sphere, he was supported by Max Winkler , a member of the NSDAP party who always appeared as his partner in the financial activities of the central publishing house of the Nazis. However, his most important collaborator was Dr. Rolf Rienhardt .

Rienhardt Doctor in Sciences Law Offices and the character was considered the mastermind of Amann .. Rienhardt had a great capacity for organization and was named by Amann new director of the House of the Press of the Reich and permanent deputy director of the German Publishers Association Of Reich Newspapers . Rienhardt carried out the legal and ideological plans to subdue and seize the press and prepared the provisions that Amann imposed on the press.

Last years

After World War II , Amann was arrested and brought before the German court, where he was tried by a denazification court that confiscated all assets.

Max Amann died in the greater poverty in Munich year 1957 .


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