Maria Reiter

Maria Josepha “Mitzi” Reiter ( Berchtesgaden , Germany, 23 December 1909 – Munich , July 28, 1992) was a German woman related to Adolf Hitler , with whom she had a short love relationship .


Maria “Mitzi” Reiter was the daughter of a co- founder of the German Social-Democratic Party in Berchtesgaden, Obersalzberg, Karl Reiter-Wenger and his wife Mara.

In 1926, Mitzi at 17 was a beautiful blond girl who fulfilled the appearance of the Nazi ideology and worked in a shop of her father in Berchtesgaden when she met Hitler (37 years) through her sister Paula Hitler in a textile store while he was walking their dogs. Mitzi managed to approach the statesman and catch his attention, which he agreed by inviting her to the Berghof .

Thus, Mitzi began a relationship that became strange because in 1959, according to her own statements, after a year Hitler tried to turn her into his mistress, an invitation that she declined pending a proposal for marriage. Hitler refused Reiter’s claim to marry him and asked him to wait for him since he had a mission to fulfill. However, Hitler predicted that this relationship would be politically damaging to him, he moved away from the young woman into a depression that added to the death of his mother by cancer on that same date (November 29, 1926) took that same year to commit A suicide attempt that his brother prevented it from being consummated.

Maria Reiter never ceased to admire Hitler in spite of marrying in 1930 with hotelier of Berchtesgaden, Fernand Woldrich, marriage that failed quickly in 1931.

Rudolf Hess approached Maria Reiter again in 1934 and divorced and apparently the relationship was restarted ephemerally; Hitler again asked him to be his mistress, but Reiter insisted on a marriage proposal; Hitler, who did not want to be involved with a divorcee, commissioned Hans Frank to see Reiter’s divorce case, however, Hitler stabilized in 1935 with Eva Braun and did not see each other again under the same scenario. 1

Reiter then married a young SS officer , Georg Kubisch, a Hauptsturmführer, an assistant to Joseph Goebbels who died in action on the site of Dunkerque in 1941 .

Hitler sent Reiter a hundred red roses as an expression of mourning. These events, known only in Hitler’s inner circle, were brought to light in an interview with the sister of the statistician, Paula Hitler and Maria Reiter in 1959, after the war. 2 The track Maria Reiter after the war lost and only knew that he had married in November 1945 with an SS officer physically disabled by war in Norway called Walter Zierahn, she had no children and died in 1992 being Buried in a cemetery in Munich.


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