Margot Drechsel

Margot dreschel ( Neugersdorf , Germany ; 17 of maypole of 1908 – Bautzen , June 1945 ) was an SS Aufseherin (Vigilante) of the concentration camps during the Holocaust Jew in World War II .


Prior to joining SS as an Assistant, he had worked in an office in Berlin . The 31 of January of 1941 , Margot dreschel came to the concentration camp of Ravensbrück to begin their training course. She was first named Aufseherin , a low level among the female guardians of Ravensbrück , a concentration camp primarily for women internment. She was training under the orders of the Oberaufseherin (Senior Supervisor) Johanna Langefeld in 1941, and quickly became Rapportführerin (Report Foreman), a middle rank among the guardians. The 27 of April of 1942 , dreschel was selected to inaugurate the newly created concentration camp Auschwitz I in Poland . From the beginning she was a very devoted woman at work, being under the orders of Maria Mandel . Dreschel was also head of all Auschwitz offices. Dreschel was reported as a repulsive woman, as one former Auschwitz prisoner points out:

And the Head of the Dreschel camp was there, her teeth protruding even when her mouth was closed. “The prisoners described her as a vulgar, thin and disagreeable person.After the war many prisoners testified to their brutal treatment.

Regularly mobilized between Auschwitz I and Birkenau , she was involved in mass selections of women and children who were sent to the gas chambers . The 1 of November of 1944 , was transferred to the concentration camp of Flossenburg as Rapportführerin. In January 1945, he moved to Ravensbruck concentration camp and the subfield of Neustadt-Glewe , escaping there in April 1945 , when it fell Nazi Germany . In May 1945, several former Auschwitz prisoners recognized her on the road from the German city of Pirna to Bautzen , arrested her and handed her over to the Russian Military Police. The Soviets sentenced her to death and were hanged between May and June 1945 in Bautzen.

Alternative surnames

  • Margot Drexler
  • Margot Dreschler
  • Margot Drechsel
  • Margot Drexel


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