Ludwig Fischer

Dr. Ludwig Fischer ( Kaiserslautern , 16 of April of 1905 , Warsaw , 8 of March of 1947 ) was a political Nazi , lawyer criminal, district governor of Warsaw and war during World War II .


Born in Kaiserslautern Catholic family , being a student joined the Nazi party and the Sturmabteilung (SA) where he reaches the rank of Gruppenführer ( Lieutenant General). In 1937 he obtained a seat in the Reichstag .

Governor in occupied Poland

After the invasion of Poland in 1939 , he was appointed Governor of the occupied Warsaw District (when the area occupied by the Nazis was not yet annexed) and remained in office thanks to the support of the German military high command until his redemption in January 1945.

Fischer was directly responsible for several atrocities; Was chiefly responsible for the creation of the Warsaw Ghetto , along with its anti-Semitic laws; Limited amount of money per Jewish family, bracelet cover with Star of David for identification of Jews, etc. In turn participated directly in the repression of the uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto and of numerous deportations, murders and mass executions, reduction to serfdom and slave labor laws of Polish Jews in concentration camps .

For his actions he is sentenced to death by a special court of the Polish resistance as he also committed abuses against Polish citizens. Fischer in turn ranked as first in a list known as Operation Cabezas which was nothing more than a blacklist of Nazi murderers made by the resistance. Shortly before the Warsaw uprising in 1944, Fischer’s car was the target of an attempt on which he survived.

After the uprising, Fischer maintained an important role in the destruction of the city by Nazi troops and of the transit field of Pruszków , by which several Poles had expelled after the uprising.

Judgment and execution

Fischer is arrested by allied troops and turned over to the Polish authorities. The trial was held in 1946 by the National Supreme Court of Poland, recognized by the Allies. The trial lasted from August to September of 1946 and Fischer was calm (like Rudolf Höß ) before the charges that were formulated to him, alleging to have received orders from his superiors. Fischer was sentenced to death by hanging in Mokotów prison, within the city he once administered. 1His execution was filmed just like that of Amon Göth . 2


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