Lisa (song)

Lisa is a song and the simple one of the Argentine rock musician Gustavo Cerati . It was released as the last single from his first solo album Love Yellow , a disc that was released in parallel with his career with Soda Stereo .


Mainly the theme is not dedicated to his daughter Lisa, who was born three years after the publication of this song. Cecilia declared that this song of Gustavo was created in Lake Vichuquén , where the smooth ones abound . 1 This place was where he used to spend the summer with his wife and two children. After being separated he continued visiting this place, which along with the spa of Zapallar , were his favorite places of Chile. 2


It is a very melodic and psychedelic ballad, based on a relaxing and atmospheric dream pop .


This song has a music video directed by the Chilean Ariel Guelferbein. In the video Gustavo playing the guitar and with elements simulating the bottom of the sea. The video also makes references to other songs from the album Amor Amarillo : Cecilia Amenábar participates in the video disguised as medusa , as a reference to the song “Cabeza de medusa”, and in the final part of the video, a yellow crystal is shown several times, as Reference to the phrase “Crystals of yellow love”, pertaining to the song that gives name to the disc.


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