Lids (film)

Tapas es una película española de 2005 rodada por los directores José Corbacho y Juan Cruz.


The film focuses basically on a tapas bar either (in this case in Hospitalet , Barcelona) in which the owner separates from his wife. She habitually occupies the position of the kitchen, and when leaving the husband is forced to hire a Chinese cook. This cook shows a special ability for cooking and for the making of tapas . The film with this starting point will be a choral film showing the stories crossed and how the people who attend the local every day are interconnected through the neighborhood even though they are very different in age, nationality, religion.


  • Winner of the Goya to the best director novel for Jose Corbacho and Juan Cruz . 1
  • Winner of Goya for Best Supporting Actress for Elvira Mínguez.
  • Biznaga de Oro for José Corbacho and Juan Cruz
  • Silver Biznaga for Best Actress for Elvira Mínguez
  • Montréal World Film Festival award for best screenplay.
  • Sant Jordi Awards Best Premium Opera Award for José Corbacho and Juan Cruz
  • Prize of the Spanish Union of actors for Elvira Mínguez.


  • José Corbacho y Juan Cruz son amigos desde la infancia, y han decidido filmar su primer película en el barrio donde se criaron, en Santa Eulalia en la ciudad de L’Hospitalet de Llobregat lindera a Barcelona.
  • ” Soundtrack with the big letters” 2 where in addition to the original music of the film composed by Pablo Sala , 3 are added songs own by artists like Antonio Orozco, 4 Los Chichos, El Q Baila, Canibala, VinoDelFin, Sicomoro and Stereos, mostly composed songs exclusively for the film.


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