Les Uns et les Autres

Les Uns et les Autres (in Spanish los unos y los otros ) is a film French of 1981, directed by Claude Lelouch .

It is an epic musical, generally considered as the masterpiece of Lelouch, along with A man and a woman . He won the Technical Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival in 1981. 1 It was the sixth most viewed film of the year of its premiere, with 3,234,549 spectators. 2


The film follows the story of four families of different nationalities ( Russian , German , French and American ) with the same passion for music, from the 1930s to the 1980s . Their stories are crossed several times in different places and times; The history is mainly marked by the experiences of the families during the Second World War

In 1936, in Moscow , a dancer named Tatiana marries Boris, who gives her a child just before she died during the war. In Berlin , the pianist Karl Kremer reaches the success after receiving praise from Hitler . In Paris , the young violinist Anne falls in love with Simon Meyer, a Jewish pianist , with whom one marries and they have a son, but they end in a train way to a Nazi concentration camp; On a high, the child is abandoned to escape death. In New York , Jack Glenn has made a name for himself with his jazz band .

Twenty years later, the children of these families revive the history of their parents; For her part, Anne continues the search for the child who left on the way to the concentration camp. The finale of the film reunites all the families in a show of classical dance musicalized by Bolero , of Maurice Ravel .

Although all the characters are fictional, several of them are based on the history of musical icons such as Édith Piaf , Josephine Baker , Herbert von Karajan , Glenn Miller and Rudolf Nureyev .


  • Robert Hossein as Simon Meyer / Robert Prat
  • Nicole Garcia as Anne Meyer
  • Geraldine Chaplin as Suzanne Glenn / Sarah Glenn
  • James Caan as Jack Glenn / Jason Glenn
  • Daniel Olbrychski as Karl Kremer
  • Jean-Claude Bouttier as Philippe Rouget
  • Jorge Donn as Boris Itovitch / Sergei Itovitch
  • Rita Poelvoorde as Tatiana Itovitch / Nadia Itovitch
  • Macha Méril as Magda Kremer
  • Évelyne Bouix as Évelyne / Édith
  • Francis Huster as Francis
  • Raymond Pellegrin as M. Raymond
  • Paul Préboist as Édith’s grandfather
  • Jean-Claude Brialy as the director of the Lido
  • Marthe Villalonga as Édith’s grandmother
  • Fanny Ardant as Véronique
  • Jacques Villeret as Jacques
  • Alexandra Stewart
  • Richard Bohringer as Richard
  • Nicole Croisille as Herself
  • Ginette Garcin as Ginette
  • Jean-Pierre Kalfon as Antoine’s father
  • Geneviève Mnich as Jeanne, the mother of Jacques
  • Eva Darlan as Eva
  • Ernie Garrett as Bobby
  • Francis Lai
  • Barry Primus
  • Valérie Quennessen as the bride of Francis Huster
  • Brigitte Roüan
  • Sharon Stone
  • Michel Rivard


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