Law of rights and guarantees of the dignity of the person in the process of death

The Law of rights and guarantees of the dignity of the person in the process of the death of Andalusia , is a law in force in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia ( Spain ), promulgated on March 8, 2010 once approved by the Parliament of Andalusia On February 18, 2010.

Previously, the Draft Bill was submitted to the Plenum of the Andalusian Consultative Council, which prepared the opinion (favorable, with numerous comments) number 236/2009, of April 2, which were speakers Carmen Sáez Lara and Jesús García Calderón .

Basic content of the Andalusian dignitary death law

The law regulates the exercise of the patient’s rights during the last stage of life to ensure their autonomy and respect for their will, as well as the duties of professionals responsible for the care and functions of health institutions and centers. This is the first law on dignified death approved in Spain . 1

The law establishes legal rights and guarantees for patients and professionals in good medical practice at the end of life. It explains that the patient can refuse medical treatment – an aspect already included in the National Patient Autonomy Law of 2002. It does not regulate euthanasia , nor assisted suicide , which are included as crimes in the Spanish Penal Code.

Application of the Law 2/2010 of death worthy of Andalusia

The application of law 2/2010 of death worthy of Andalusia has been of application since its approval and of prominent form in some cases like the following ones:

  • On 23 August the Andalusian hospital Blanca Paloma de Huelva is forced for the first time to remove the nasogastric feeding tube to a patient. 2 3


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