Kurt Lischka

Kurt Lischka ( 16 of August of 1909 – 16 of maypole of 1989 ) was an officer in the SS with the rank of Obersturmbannführer and head of the Gestapo in Paris in occupied France since 1940. During World War II , he was responsible for the Planning and supervision of the deportation and subsequent annihilation of 73,000 Jews and other “undesirables” from France to the Third Reich .

Career in the Third Reich

The son of a bank official, Lischka studied law and political science in Wroclaw and Berlin . He began to work in district courts and in the provincial court of appeals of Wroclaw.

Lischka joined the SS on 1 as June as 1933 . It reached the rank of greater five years later and the one of lieutenant the 20 of April of 1942 . The 1 of September of 1935 , was absorbed in the Gestapo and in January 1940 he was appointed head of the Gestapo in Cologne . In November 1940 , he was transferred to occupied France , where he became a substitute for Helmut Knochen , who was commander of the Gestapo in occupied France from 1940 to 1944.

Lischka had specialized in the ” Jewish question ” since 1938 , when he was in charge of Referat IVB (Office of Jewish Affairs) in the Gestapo. By the end of 1938, he had been appointed head of the Center for Jewish Emigration in Berlin, and during World War II he dealt with the deportation of French Jews to concentration camps in Nazi Germany .