Kill Me Please

Kill Me Please is a Franco – Belgian filmdirected by Olias Barco , released in 2010 .


Dr. Kruger dreams of bringing “suicide into modernity”. He offers his patients the service of a clinic where one can die in peace, a glass of champagne in his hand. But in the clinic of “ideal death”, nothing happens as expected.

Data sheet

  • Title: Kill Me Please
  • Directed by: Olias Barco
  • Screenplay : Olias Barco , Stéphane Malandrin and Virgile Bramly
  • Images: Frédéric Noirhomme
  • Sound: Thomas Berliner
  • Editing: Ewin Ryckaert
  • Associate production company: Vincent Tavier , Guillaume Malandrin , Philippe Kauffmann , Olias Barco , Stéphane Malandrin , Didier Brunner
  • Production companies: La Parti , OxB and Les Armateurs .
  • Distribution: The Pact
  • Release date: France and Belgium :  


The film benefited for its release from an original transmedia operation with a preview of the film on the RTBF site , preceded by a true / false survey broadcast daily on the same site for three weeks, carried out by the journalist Jérôme Colin , also an actor in the film, on the real / false suicide clinic whose Facebook profile and the website were created separately.


  • Aurélien Recoing : Doctor Kruger
  • Benoît Poelvoorde : Mr. Demanet
  • Bouli Lanners : Mr. Vidal
  • Virginie Efira : Inspector Evrard
  • Virgile Bramly : Virgil
  • Daniel Cohen : Jean-Marc
  • Saul Rubinek : Jack Breiman
  • Stéphanie Crayencour : Sophia
  • Gérard Rambert : Mr. Nora
  • Vincent Tavier : Mr. Plouvier
  • Zazie of Paris : Madame Rachel
  • Clara Cleymans : Julia Davidson
  • Olga Grumberg : Ingrid
  • Philippe Nahon : Mr. Antoine
  • Nicolas Buysse : The nurse Luc
  • Jérôme Colin : The nurse Bob
  • Muriel Bersy : the nurse Muriel
  • Ingrid Heiderscheit : Nurse Sylvie
  • Stéphane Malandrin : assistant to Dr. Kruger, Steve


The film was filmed in three weeks at the Domaine de Ronchinne , which is located in the vicinity of Crupet , in the province of Namur in Belgium 1 , 2 .

The site also hosted the filming in 2015 of some scenes from the movie The Visitors: The Revolution of Jean-Marie Poiré .


  • Marc Aurèle d’Or; Prize of the Critic and Youth Prize (Golden Butterfly ) of the International Film Festival of Rome 2010.
  • Prize for Best Director of the Odessa International Film Festival 2011
  • Dark Fiction Motion Picture Diploma of the 44th International Festival of Fantastic Film of Catalonia (Sitges 2011)
  • Named to the Magritte du cinéma 2012 for the best actor in a supporting role ( Bouli Lanners ) and the best actress in a supporting role ( Virginie Efira )

Notes and references

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