Kevin Alfred Strom

Kevin Alfred Strom ( Anchorage , 17 as August as 1956 ) is an American politician. He was the director of National Vanguard , an organization from Charlottesville ( Virginia ), which has been described as racist , white separatist , homophobic and neo – Nazi . 1 2 Strom resigned from National Vanguard in July 2006 . 3 National Vanguard separated the 14 as March as 2007 , and its website has been not been updated for a while.

Strom was tried for sexual harassment of a 10-year-old girl, but this charge was dismissed for lack of evidence. 4 5 On January 4, 2008, he pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography . 4 6 The 21 of April of 2008 was sentenced to 23 months in prison. 7



In 1982 , Kevin Alfred Strom joined the National Alliance , a group that has been described as anti – Semitic , 8 9 racist , 9 October and neo – Nazi . November December 13 14 In 1991 , he founded and distributed the program shortwave American Dissident Voices , which could also be heard by Internet . In 1995 , he founded and edited the Free Speech magazine published by the National Alliance as a complement to the radio program . In the early months of 2002 , a few months before his cancer death on July 23 , National Alliance founder William Luther Pierce addressed Strom as editor of National Vanguard magazine and as media director for the organization. Pierce also named Strom as the publisher of the association’s bimonthly newsletter.

During the weekend of 16 and 17 of July of 2005 , Strom with other people were removed from the National Alliance because of a dispute with the leaders of the organization. 9 Former members of the association, led by Strom, quickly formed their own organization , National Vanguard . As it did previously in the National Alliance, Strom again distributed a weekly weekly radio program called American Dissident Voices to the National Vanguard , but the program often suffered delays of one to three weeks. These programs ceased to occur with the departure of the organization.

Strom was also and for a short time the editor of The Truth at Last newspaper in 2005 . Several sources have described this tabloid as racist and anti-Semitic. 13 15 The head of Strom in The Truth at Last , Edward R. Fields , was once a Grand Dragon of the New Order Knights of the KKK . 16


Strom was a close associate of the writer, nationalist and professor of the University of Illinois Revilo P. Oliver , who has been described as “one of the most notorious American fascists and, according to B’nai Brith Canada , was a great propeller of the Anti-Semitism “. 17 Strom was chosen to be the archivist and publish Oliver’s essays after he committed suicide in 1994 . In 2002 , Strom published the book The Jewish Strategy by Oliver.

Personal life

From his marriage to his first wife, Kirsten Helene Kaiser , there were three children. 18 Since her marriage ended, Kaiser has spoken of his life with Strom in several interviews. 18 19 He also wrote a book that tells of his experiences with Strom and the National Alliance called ” The Bondage of Self ” ( ISBN 0-9720705-5-9 ). Kaiser stated that her husband was extremely possessive, and that he forbade wearing jeans or eating meat and even predetermined her favorite music, making him listen to Mozart . 19 Since then, she has broken away from the racist beliefs she maintained when she was married and summed up her years of living with Strom: “Hundreds of women like me ended up with some guy from some racist group who controlled our lives. I could escape and recover my soul, so can they. ” 18

Criminal charges

The 4 of January of 2007 , Strom was arrested in Greene County , Virginia on charges of possession of child pornography and intimidation of witnesses. 20 The jury later added the charges of receiving child pornography and sexual harassment from a 10-year-old girl. 5 The December to June of 2007 , Strom pleaded not guilty to the new charges. 5

Previously, Strom had already retired from National Vanguard claiming that he “had made mistakes, sometimes quite serious.” twenty-one

In the federal trial that was conducted in October 2007 on charges of sexual harassment of a 10 year old girl and intimidating his wife to prevent the present to give part of the activities of Strom, evidence was presented that included more Of 100 photographs of the girl and the testimony of her mother, touching the subject of the gifts that the accused sent anonymously to his daughter. Finally, the charges for lack of evidence of an effective harassment were dismissed. The trial for possession of child pornography took place in January 2008 . 22


  • Strom holds an amateur radio operation license : WB4AIO.
  • Entre 1983 y 1991, una emisora de radio pirata llamada “Voice of Tomorrow”, la cual operaba tanto en onda corta como en onda media,23 empezó a transmitir material abiertamente racista y neonazi,24presumiblemente desde el área de Lynchburg, Virginia. De acuerdo con la exesposa de Strom, Kirsten Kaiser, “Voice of Tomorrow” era operada por su marido.19


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