Karol Piltz

Karol Piltz ( 1903 – 1939 ) was a Polish chess player .

He represented Poland at the unofficial I Chess Olympiad in Paris , 1924 , 1 tying in the 3rd to 7th places at the Polish Chess Championship in Warsaw in 1926 (the champion was Dawid Przepiórka ), and tied at 17th places to 18th in Jurata in 1937 (4th Polish championship, the champion was Savielly Tartakower ). 2

Piltz, along with the rest of the Warsaw team ( Abram Blass , Rafał Feinmesser , Paulin Frydman , Stanisław Kohn , Leon Kremer and Henryk Pogorieły ) won the gold medal at the first Team Poland Championships held at Królewska Huta in 1929. 3 He died in the Warsaw ghetto during the Nazi occupation.


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