Karl Brandt

Karl Brandt ( Mulhouse , 8 of January of 1904 – Landsberg am Lech , 2 of June of 1948 ) was a doctor and war criminal Nazi . Personal physician of Adolf Hitler , Gruppenführer in the SS and Brigadeführer of the Waffen SS , Reich Commissioner for Health and Public Hygiene ( Reichskommissar für Sanitäts- und Gesundheitswesen ) and member of the Reich Research Council ( Reichsforschungsrat ).

Childhood and youth

Brandt was born in Mulhouse , in the then German territory of Alsace-Lorraine , today, Haut-Rhin department in France . His father was an officer of the Prussian army . 1 Doctor of Medicine and Surgery since 1928, he specialized in head and spine injuries. 2 Joined the NSDAP in January 1932 and SA in 1933. Member of the SS since July 1934 with the rank of Untersturmführer . From the summer of 1934 he was one of Hitler’s personal physicians. Karl Brandt married Anni Rehborn , swimming champion, on March 17, 1934. They had a son, Karl Adolf, born on October 4, 1935.

Brandt was a doctor specializing in traumatology , acceded to Hitler’s inner circle in 1937, and his wife Anne was very close to Eva Braun . The Brandt marriage was a regular visitor to the Berghof , the Fuhrer’s residence. 3

He directed the administration of the Nazi euthanasia program of 1939 and was involved in criminal experimentation with humans along with his assistant Werner Heyde . After World War II , Brandt was indicted in Nuremberg and convicted of crimes against humanity . His defense lawyer was Robert Servatius . He was executed by hanging in Landsberg prison on 2 of June of 1948 .


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