Karaoke (song)

Karaoke ” is a song and single by musician of rock Argentine Gustavo Cerati released his third solo album is always today in 2002 as track 8 and as a second single from the album. It was written by the same musician. It is one of the most outstanding songs of the album, and was constantly played in the concerts of the tour of the album.


After creating and producing the album Bocanada in 1999 , which was composed of electronic music, but oriented to experimentation and dreamy sounds, coupled with symphonic music (as we could see in “River Babel”), Gustavo Cerati continued with this influence to the Create the following year + Bien , as a soundtrack for the film of the same name, and 11 symphonic episodes , in which he performed live the songs of his career as a soloist and as Soda Stereo .

However, upon returning to the studio, he combined the already explored electronic music with rock sounds, to make way for Siempre es hoy . Karaoke, one of the songs on the album, was one of the songs that was most influenced by this type of mix.

In the previous year ( 2001 ), Cerati was divorcing the mother of its children, Cecilia Amenábar , then the media supposed that the letter of Karaoke was dedicated to her. In 2006 for the program “Video Library” Much Music denied this theory and said that for this he suggested to the director Sebastián Sanchez that the video clip describes what the song was actually speaking; A critique of reality shows .

Music and lyrics

The song is a mix between rock and electronic music. Of all the songs on the album, it is possibly the one that mixes the two genres. The sound that is preserved throughout the song, an electronic one, is really a sample of the song La carta de Violeta Parra .

The lyrics speak of a relationship ending: he tells her that after a short time, she has already found a new person. However, this may have done so for revenge on him, by mentioning that this is “his own show, as an avenging king.”

Then it is mentioned that he is no longer hiding it: and that “cheekiness is part of the fun”. He then says that, in the end, his show is in “the room of a hotel”, giving an explicit understanding of the deception.

In the last part of the song, Cerati launches an enigmatic phrase: “Read my lips, karaoke, like a king, convince me”. This phrase is repeated several times, while various instruments enter until the song ends.

Other versions

Reversions: It is always today

In the album Reversiones remixes : It’s always today , released in 2003 , includes a remix of this theme created by Capri. This version was played in the tours, and is the one that opens the remix disc.

Viña del Mar

In 2007 , as part of its presentation in Viña del Mar , Cerati touched on the subject. In this version, Cerati changed a “Convénceme” by “Grant me”, referring to the Gaviotas as a prize.

This version is similar to the original, although the guitar is stronger in the sections. Something curious is that Cerati, possibly by mistake, instead of singing “in the room of a hotel, facing the sea”, sang “in the room of a hotel, avenger”, thus mixing it with the previous phrase of the song, Like an avenging king. ” 1


  • Gustavo Cerati: vocals, guitars, synths, mpc, Rodhes, bass and programming
  • Flavius ​​Etcheto: laptop, trumpet, guitar and sampler
  • Leandro fresco: choirs, synths, sampler, Rodhes and percussion
  • Fernando Nalé: bass and double bass
  • Pedro Moscuzza: drums and percussion
  • Javier Zuker: scratches and loops. 2
  • Loló Gasparini: Coros – It’s Always Today


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