Justrich Friedrich Perels

Leopold Friedrich Justus Perels ( Berlin , 13 of November of 1910 – ibid . , 23 of April of 1945 ) was a lawyer German , legal adviser of the Confessing Church and member of the German resistance to Nazism .


The second of the four children of the historian Ernst Perels (1882-1945) and Antonie Hermes. His older brother was Kurt Perels (1878-1933), a professor at the University of Hamburg and a knight of the Hanseatic League.

His grandfather was the Berlin jurist Ferdinand Perels (1836-1901) of Jewish origin had converted to Christianity .

He studied at the Gymnasium in Berlin-Friedenau and laws in Heidelberg .

In 1940 he married Helga Kellermann and his son Joachim Perels was born in 1942.

Through his friendship with Dietrich Bonhoeffer he became acquainted with Hans von Dohnanyi, enabling the escape of Jews abroad in “Operation 7” and in the plans for dissent carried out by General Ludwig Beck .

After the failed plot of July 20 was arrested and on February 2, 1945 tried by the People’s Court in charge of Roland Freisler and sentenced to death. The next day Freisler died in the bombing of Berlin and on April 22, 1945 Perels was executed along with his comrades Klaus Bonhoeffer and Rüdiger Schleicher and 9 other members of the dissident. 1

His father died in the concentration camp of Flossenbürg where had been executed Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his companions.


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