Julius Dettmann

Julius Dettmann ( Königsberg , Prussia , 23 of January of 1894 – Netherlands , 31 July of 1945 ) was an official German of the SS Nazi belonging to the Sicherheitsdienst or Security Service (SD) that was involved in the Holocaust Jew in Holland during the World War II .

Dettman belonged to the SS with the file number 414.783 and to the Nazi Party as member number 722.240. Attached to the IVB4 Section of the Gestapo , he was featured in Amsterdam , Netherlands , during the German occupation of that country. He was promoted to SS Obersturmführer (Lieutenant) on 9 November 1942. The 4 of August of 1944 , he received the phone call that denounced the hideout of Anne Frank , her parents and four other Jews who were in the back of the number 263, at Prinsengracht in Amsterdam . He immediately dispatched a commission under the command of SS Oberscharführer Karl Silberbauer , who raided the residence and deported the Frank and companions to concentration camps .

After ending the war , he was arrested in the Netherlands and remained a prisoner of war, committing suicide the 31 of July of 1945 , before being presented to trial. He never revealed who had betrayed Anne Frank . He is buried in Holland .


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