Juana Bormann

Juana Bormann or Johanna Borman ( Birkenfelde , Germany , October to September of 1893 – Hamelin , 13 of December of 1945 ) was a “supervisor prison” of the SS in the concentration camps Nazi , who was sentenced and executed for crimes against Humanity at the Bergen-Belsen Trial in late 1945 .

He had no connection with Nazi leader Martin Bormann .


During his trial, Bormann said that he had joined the SS in 1938 “to earn good money.”

He served first in the Lichtenburg concentration camp in Saxony as SS Oberaufseherin with 49 other SS women.

In 1939, he was assigned in the concentration camp of Ravensbrück , a women ‘s camp near Berlin .

In March 1942, Bormann was selected to serve in the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland . Short of stature, he was known for his excessive cruelty. 1 Her victims called her “Wiesel” and “the woman of the dogs” . 2

In October 1942, Bormann left the main camp of Auschwitz . His supervisors included Maria Mandel , Margot Drechsel and Irma Grese . Juana was eventually transferred to Budy, a nearby subfield where she continued to abuse the prisoners. 1

In 1944, when the Germans began to have great losses, Bormann was transferred to the auxiliary Field of Hindenburg (now called Zabrze, in Poland ) in Silesia .

In January 1945, he returned to Ravensbrück. In March he reached his last assignment in the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen , near Celle , where he served under the orders of Josef Kramer , Irma Grese and Elisabeth Volkenrath (all of whom had served in Birkenau.) The April 15 Of 1945 , the British Army took Bergen-Belsen, finding more than 10,000 corpses and more than 60,000 survivors.

The liberators forced all SS personnel to load and bury the dead prisoners.

Bormann was later incarcerated and interrogated by the military and the British Tribunal filed in the Belsen Trial which lasted from September 17 to the 17 of November of 1945 . The court heard testimony regarding the killings in Auschwitz and Belsen, sometimes “dropping his huge wolfhound” German shepherd on helpless prisoners. It was found guilty and hung next to Grese and Volkenrath, 13 of December of 1945 . 2

The executioner, Albert Pierrepoint , wrote later:

“. it I hobbled down the corridor looking very shabby and emaciated was only 52 years ( sic ..), measuring only 1.52 meters was shaking and placed on the balance said in German: ‘I have my feelings. ” 3


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