Josef Wirmer

Josef Wirmer (19 March 1901 , Paderborn – 8 September 1944 , Berlin ) was a German jurist and member of the Nazi resistance.

Born in a Catholic family of teachers, he studied in Warburg, Freiburg and Berlin where he served as a lawyer since 1927. He belonged to the Social Democratic Party of Germany and faced the Nazis because of what was expelled from the Rechtswahrerbund , the Bar Association.

In 1936, Wirmer came into contact with Jakob Kaiser and from 1941 belonged to the group of Carl Friedrich Goerdeler . He supported Claus von Stauffenberg from the beginning in the plot of July 20 to assassinate Hitler . If he had succeeded, he would have been Minister of Justice.

Josef Wirmer memorial

Arrested and exposed to Volksgerichtshof of Roland Freisler , her brutal accusation and public disgrace was secretly filmed for Hitler. 1

He was sentenced to death on 8 September 1944, by the Volksgerichtshof and hanged at Plötzensee in Berlin two hours after the trial. Judge Roland Freisler died five months later.

Josef Wirmer, as part of his fight against Nazism , designed a national flag proposal for Germany known as the Wirmer flag .


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