Josef Schwammberger

Franz Josef Schwammberger Leo ( Brixen , formerly County of Tyrol , Austro – Hungarian Empire , 14 of February of 1912 – Ludwigsburg , 3 of December of2004 ) was a prominent member of the SS ( Schutzstaffel ) during the Nazi government in Germany .

During World War II , Josef Schwammberger was commander of several SS labor camps in the district of Cracow (from late August 1942 until spring 1944). From 1948 to 1987 Schwammberger lived hidden in Argentina . Finally, in 1987 he was extradited to Germany; Its capture cost the German state of Baden-Württemberg some 500,000 DM.

During his trial, which lasted almost a year (1991-1992), Schwammberger denied being guilty of the crimes he was charged with; Simply admitted that the “Ghetto A” was taken to the Przemyśl camp . The 18 of maypole of 1992 was condemned by the regional court in Stuttgart ( Landgericht ) to life in prison in Mannheim . He was found guilty of seven counts of murder and 32 counts of collaboration in murder.

In August 2002, the Mannheim Regional Court declined an appeal because of the unusual cruelty of their crimes; Had been found guilty of arbitrary killings on the basis of racial hatred of the Jews .

His wife Käthe Schwammberger died in 2003 at age 87 in Argentina, while Josef Schwammberger died in Hohenasperg prison hospital in Ludwigsburg on 3 December of the year 2004 , 92 years.

The main person responsible for bringing him to justice was Simon Wiesenthal .


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