Josef Janisch

Josef Janisch ( Salzburg , Austria , 22 of April of 1909 – 26 of July of 1964 ) was an engineer and officer of the SS Nazi participant in the Holocaust Jews during the Second World War . He was a member of Section IVB4 of the Gestapo .

Janisch entered the Nazi Party with the number: 1,619,295 and the SS with the number: 299.849. He reached the rank of SS Obersturmführer (Lieutenant). He was decorated with the War Service Cross in his First Class. He worked in the Department of Construction of Auschwitz , being responsible for the construction of the crematoria of Birkenau , then passes into IVB4b Section , in charge of the Section of Transportation working directly under the orders of Adolf Eichmann .

He was captured after the war, by the Americans who brought them to court for crimes against humanity .


  • SS Mann – Shadow Soldier. January 1942
  • SS Untersturmführer – Second Lieutenant . Fall of 1942
  • SS Obersturmführer – Lieutenant . January 1943.


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