Johanna Wolf

Johanna Wolf ( Munich , Germany ; 1 of June of 1900 – 5 of June of 1985 ) was one of the secretaries (first secretary) German leader Adolf Hitler before and during World War II .


Johanna Wolf was born in the city of Munich in June 1900, studied typing and stenography .

In 1929, he joined as an active member of the NSDAP and was personally selected by Adolf Hitler to integrate his personal staff by becoming a person of the utmost confidence and loyalty of the German leader.

Once Hitler was appointed chancellor in 1933, she assumed the secretariat’s head with Christa Schroeder. Usually Wolf shared the lunches with Hitler and his circle of confidence and part of his work was done in Berchtesgaden and where the German leader was present. Hitler’s personal guest was invited to the Berghof’s social gatherings with Christa Schroeder and Traudl Junge . 1

On April 22, 1945, Wolf and Schroeder had the mission of destroying all of Hitler’s personal files in Berchtesgaden and then being detained by American troops in Bad Tölz . She was released in 1948 and unlike Traudl Junge and Christa Schroeder, she avoided commenting, giving interviews or writing about her experiences with the German leader despite millions of offers she made showing an incorruptible loyalty to the Führer until the end of her life showing difference Of his colleagues.

She only expressed that she would have liked to die alongside Hitler in the Führerbunker and that the magnetism of the leader was of such a magnitude that it overwhelmed many people of its near circle.

Johanna Wolf died 5 days after her 85th birthday, June 5, 1985 in Munich.


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