Johanna Hiedler

Johanna Pölzl , nee Hiedler ( 19 of January of 1830 – 8 of February of 1906 ), was the grandmother mother of Adolf Hitler .

Johanna was born and lived all her life in the village of Spital (part of Weitra), in the Waldviertel of Lower Austria . On September 5, 1848, he married Johann Baptist Pölzl (1825-1901), a farmer and the son of Johann Pölzl and Juliana (Walli) Pölzl. The couple would have five children and six daughters. Of his eleven children, only two sons and three daughters survived into adulthood. His seventh son, and the third daughter, Klara , was born on his farm in Spital on August 12, 1860.

On September 17, 1888, Johanna’s elderly parents, Johann Nepomuk Hiedler (or Hüttler) and Eva Maria (born Decker), died. His daughter Klara would become the third wife of Alois Hiedler (born Schicklgruber) – Alois decided, at the age of 40, to take the last name of his stepfather, Hiedler (but the spelling was later changed by a civil registry official to Hitler ). Alois was the illegitimate son of Maria Schicklgruber , who married Johanna’s paternal uncle Johann Georg Hiedler on May 10, 1842. Alois would claim in his later life that Johann Georg Hiedler was not his stepfather, but in fact his biological father , And was officially declared as the legitimate son of Johann in 1876, although this claim on the paternity of Alois continues being subject of much debate between the historians.

Klara and Alois had six children. The fourth of them was Adolf Hitler (born April 20, 1889). Only one of Klara’s children – the youngest, named Paula – survived into adulthood. Klara’s husband, Alois, also had two other children, Alois Jr. and Angela , from their second marriage (with Franziska Matzelsberger).