Joachim Mrugowsky

SS – Oberführer Joachim Mrugowsky ( Rathenow , 15 of August of 1905 – Landsberg am Lech , 2 of June of 1948 ) was a physician Nazi , head of the Institute of Hygiene of the SS .


Joachim Mrugowsky studied Medicine and Biology , especially Botany . In 1930 , he did his doctorate in natural sciences and, in 1931 , passed the state examination to practice as a doctor.

Nazi race

In 1930 , Joachim Mrugowsky enrolled in the Nazi Party , with membership number 210049. Between that year and 1931 , he was a group leader of the Nationalsozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund at the University of Halle-Wittenberg . In this position he had his first action against the theologian Protestant Günther Dehn . At the same time, Mrugowsky joined the SA .

In 1933 , he obtained the rank of Untersturmführer in the Sicherheitsdienst of the SS (SD). That same year, he became assistant of the Institute of Hygiene of the University of Halle , where in February of 1934 gave a lecture on “the human inheritance and the racial hygiene”. In 1935 , he lectured at the University of Hannover on the same subject.

The Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler commissioned him in 1937 the direction of the Institute of Hygiene of the SS (later the Waffen-SS) with the rank of SS- Sturmbannführer . At the same time, he was the doctor of the 1st SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler . As of 1943 , Mrugowsky participated in several human experiments in prisoners of diverse Nazi concentration camps .

Mrugowsky’s responsibilities included experiments at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp , whose prisoners were shot with aconitine- poisoned ammunition . Mrugowsky recorded the deaths of three of these prisoners:

One of the poisoned tried vomiting in vain. To do so, he placed four fingers of the hand down to the joints at the back of his mouth. Despite this, he failed to vomit … The motor restlessness increased later in a violent manner … Death reached 121, 123 and 129 minutes after receiving the injection.


Mrugowsky was tried in the trial of the doctors , with the charge of having performed human experiments, and was sentenced to death by hanging . The sentence was executed in 1948 in the No. 1 prison of war criminals in Landsberg . 1


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